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The Shoemaker's Dream for Flute, Piano and Narrator

The Shoemaker's Dream for Flute, Piano and Narrator


 For Flute, Piano and Narrator

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The Shoemaker's Dream is based on the classic short story "Where Love is God Is" by Leo Tolstoy.  The beautiful music is composed by Diane Whitacre and would be considered an advanced level. This work was commissioned by Kathy and Martin Blocki.  A companion storybook with beautiful illustrations and a CD of the work is also available at This is a story our family would read every Christmas and throughout the winter season.  We could never get through it without a few tears.  Reading it is has become a great family tradition. Martin, the shoemaker, has a dream that God will appear to him the next day. The next day if filled with meeting people with different needs... a women with her baby suffering from the cold, and old man, and an apple seller who has just been robbed. His kindness touches each person and reflects God's love to each of them. Running time for the piece is 17 minutes.

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