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Diane's self-publishing site, Maple Grove Publishing, is linked to this site. Rumor Mill, Grade 4 Concert Band is published at  TRN Music Publisher, Inc. She also has band music at  BRS Music, Inc. and a list of works at Blocki Flute Method, LLC. as well. We have audio recordings on the "Hear My Work" page, and go to the "YouTube" page for video offerings.  Shoemaker's Dream Book and CD is now also available for sale on the Blockiflute website.


Diane plays oboe/English Horn, and teaches part time for the Ft. Wayne Lutheran Schools, as well as private oboe students.   She is at home with both instrumental and choral writing.  Among her writing is music for concert band, flute ensembles, chamber instrumental groups, choral groups, jazz band, and British-style brass band. Check Diane's Blog, The Maple Grove Leaflet, for updates on her writing and upcoming events.  


Rumor Mill Premiere


Dr. Chad Nicholson conducts the IPFW Wind Ensemble on Feb. 29th, 2012.  The ensemble performed the premiere of Diane's new work for wind band, Rumor Mill.  The ensemble also performed Echoes (Centennial Fanfare and Chorale) by Gillingham,  Lincolnshire Posey by Grainger, and Elsa's Procession to the Cathedral by Wagner.


Dress rehearsal on Feb. 23rd, Auer Hall, Rhinehart Music Center


Dr. Chad Nicholson during dress rehearsal on Feb. 23rd, 2012.




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Rose Everett,
Choral Director,
Trinity Academy
Raleigh, N C

"I first sang this piece as a member of the Genevans choir for whom it was commissioned. After graduating and starting a job as a choral director, the Genevans visited and my students sang it with them as a combined piece. Though it was a challenge for a small high school group, they fell in love with it and insisted on performing it in their own concert months later. In the two years following, we have grown into the 8+ parts and my students without fail ask to sing it. The motion of the piece is truly captivating and I would highly recommend it!"